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Best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh | Alaadin Express

May 9, 2018
The best online shop in BD

Online stores use their websites to sell and advertise their products and services all over the world. In Bangladesh it is no different the best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh include daraz, kiksha, pikaboo, bakdoom, Alaadin Express & few others.

Best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh

All the best Online Shopping Sites in Bangladesh use their own websites for their business. Let’s have a look at the online shops and their focuses,

At first the established online shops in the industry:

  1. Daraz is using as their website. They are focusing their business on providing the variation to the consumers so that they can look into variety of options.
  2. Ajker deal focuses their business on the fashion & life-style items to groceries. Thus they are providing services on all the areas of consumer needs. To conduct business they are using as their website.
  3. Bagdoom’s focus is to deliver the eased shopping experience for the consumers through the online platforms. Hence they are selling products that are less expensive like T-shirt, pen drive, electrical accessories etc. They are using as their website.
  4. It has a focus on dress, gift items, books, mobile phone, digital camera, tab and electronics. To conduct business they are using as their website.


Now we look at some new players into the industry:

  1. Pikaboo puts their focus on mobile phones, tablets, computers, home appliances and other electronics. To conduct business they are using as their website.
  2. Kiksha focuses on the lifestyle products. To conduct business they are using as their website.
  3. Among all these another online based up and coming shop is Alaadin Express. It is using the Alaadin website to conduct their business.

Not only these websites are being used by the online shops in Bangladesh, they are also using the social marketing platforms for their businesses. Here they are using these social platforms as they are very much the place for people to spend time. So this makes it easier for the online shops to reach people. Consequentially the customers & targeted people get to know about the shops and the products here thick and fast.

Alaadin Website

Logo of Alaadin Express

Alaadin Express

Like all other online shops Alaadin Express is using their own Alaadin website to sell their products. They are also using the social marketing through the social platforms. All these online shopping sites together are changing the shopping experience of the people. Here they are improving the experience of the people as these online shops are saving their time along with providing the necessary varieties. Hence on these online platform people can find their desired products from home.


Other Trend of The Social Marketing

There can be found a lot more shops who are using these social platforms to conduct their business. Among all the social platforms Facebook & You Tube are the most used social platform for the common people in Bangladesh. Hence it is becoming more attractive place everyday for the online shoppers to be present on these social platforms. So each and every one these online shops are already present at these online social platforms.


Among all of these E-commerce web pages only a few have the vision of coming of age with some innovative idea to implement in the market. And they have an intention to change it and they are the ones playing the role of market drivers. Hence only those few complete the list of the best online shops with best websites.

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