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Online Marketing Specialist

“Time & tide waits for none”, I have known this proverb for a long time now. Most probably ever since I went into my elementary or primary school. Or perhaps since my junior high days. I cannot remember this, nor I can remember all the tiny details but the teachings. Like when I was taught by one of my teachers to not hurt my parents when I was still in elementary grade. Similarly I have learnt a lot of other things. Some contributed to my career and some to my social upbringing. All these things combine into me & make me what I, Md Ridwan Chowdhury, am today. And I will discuss about online market in Bangladesh, the newest products and Dhaka based online shops.

My Career Path, at first education

Md Ridwan Chowdhury

Person who will discuss about the online market in Bangladesh, the newest products, Dhaka based online shops

My schools:

I,Md Ridwan Chowdhury, changed a lot of schools at the very initial stages but one thing stayed on course, that was my education. I completed my elementary level and my junior high from Monipur High School. After my junior high I went into studying two different segments of educational lines. First one was general education & second one was technical education on computer. While I was completing my senior high from St. Joseph Higher Secondary School I was also completing my diploma on Computer Science.

My grad schools:

Then came my graduation that I completed from Khulna University for my Bachelor degree of BBA. Again had a change for my masters degree of MBA which I’m completing from Dhaka University. Meanwhile I had already gone into my professional career.

My Professional Career

I started my career with Naseem Plastic Industreis, then went into Legato services, Robi Axiata Ltd., Dhaka Tobacco (ACL), Rekitt Benckiser Ltd, SWOHR etc. And finally I came into the online marketing profession. All these changes and diversification has taught me a lot of things that was impossible to learn in such a short time.

My Preference

During early stages of time I preferred movement in my jobs. But when I got the chance to establish my career on the online marketing sector, I took it with both hands. And this has forced me to forgo my preference  of the movement that I enjoy so much. It was a big opportunity cost for me. But then again I had the opportunity to establish my own path in the arena of Dhaka based online shops. Here I can combine all the knowledge I have gathered till date altogether. So the opportunity was bigger for me than the opportunity cost that I had to forgo.


This is the statement that I want to share with others so that it helps others to make their own decisions:

“Think about what you like or enjoy, what you know and how you employ it. The rest is yours”