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Hand Held Sun Umbrella | UVR Umbrella | Best UV Umbrella

May 12, 2018
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Umbrellas have come through ages and they can now be counted on the basis of evolution & innovation. Such creations make it more attractive, fashionable and more useful with every day that passes for health and beauty consciousness altogether. They can be of various types – they can be simple, can be hand held sun umbrella or can be reverse as mentioned before since it is evolving day by day with the evolution of mankind. To this date we have found quite a few innovative umbrellas which have grabbed people all over the world by captivity. Such a creation is our new introduction UVR umbrella. It is also called the sun reflective umbrella.

Hand held sun umbrella

This is a semi-automatic type of umbrella. Due to its nature it can also be described as the uv ray protection umbrella. Its build makes it one of the most attractive and easy to handle umbrellas ever with high quality and durability. It can be thus branded as the best UV Umbrella. In Bangladesh only Alaadin Express has introduced this product to our people who are calling this umbrella the UVR Umbrella. It is strong enough to withstand the wind and unbreakable under heavy wind and going upside down due to its build in the sticks. This characteristics  of this umbrella has been tested by many and proven accurate to its claims. This umbrella can protect a person form 99% ultra violet ray of sun because of its upper layer material which is also supported by the lower layer material that absorbs the rest of the UV rays.

The hand held sun umbrella

Best UV Umbrella

Advantages of UVR umbrella

This UVR umbrella can be carried in a back pack or in a purse of a lady. Thus the female users call it the purse umbrella. This lightweight umbrella can be very handy as well as being trendy. It almost fits into the palm of a person due to its small build. It doesn’t use regular making method and it includes springs which make it more versatile. Main strong point of this umbrella is its wind & sun resistance. And that makes it better than all other mini umbrellas while being one of the most innovative umbrellas. This umbrella is gaining popularity day by day due to its light weight, ease to carrying and health supporting. In short for being a health caring product. Thus this can be called as the best mini umbrella as well considering all its features.

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