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May 23, 2018
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Gardening and washing vehicles are two separate kind of activity but still they can be supported through one common tool when washing the vehicles is done at home or personally. And that common tool is extendable hose pipe or the flex hose. These are the kind of pipes that extend with the pressure of water that flows through the pipe-line. There can be various types of these hose pipes along with various sizes. Again variation of this flex hose can also be found in colors. The available colors for this product are blue and green. These pipes are also called the magic hose pipe.


Size of the extendable hose pipe

The extendable hose pipe

The best flex hose

We will discuss about the best flex hose that is available in various sizes. Among these the most popular ones are the 150 ft water hose, the flex hose 100 ft and flex hose 50 ft. smallest among them is the 25 ft water hose. Apart from these there is another size available at Bangladesh that is the flex hose 200 ft. All these sizes are available at Alaadin Express along with only few other most prominent online shops in Bangladesh. Name of Alaadin Express gets mentioned here as they are providing this product at the least price available in the online shops in Bangladesh. These products are available in the selective few online shops like daraz, kiksha and bagdoom.

Best flex hose

The best version of these is the simplest of the hose pipes. The best flex hose comes with a spray gun that is used for the adjustment of water spraying along with a connector that connects it to the water tap. It is called the trigger gun at times. It has only one point that can be connected only with the hose pipe. Meanwhile the connector has 2 points one of which the narrower point gets connected to the hose pipe at first. Then the other point (wider one) gets connected with the tap or water line. These parts come as a set along with the pipe.

Connectors of the best flex hose

These connectors are often two types, the European type & the Asian type. Here the Asian type is the one where the connector is attached and tightened by screws on them. And European type is the coiled connector that is for connecting to the water lines.

The flexibility and ease of carrying makes this product very attractive and useful to the users who need to carry water through the lines to longer distance and need to spray water at long distances.


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