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The best online shop in BD

Online store is a relatively new concept. Here you can purchase a lot of things through the online platform as you see convenient. These are platforms that can offer you all the things at your door-step making your life easier. These online shops are growing in Bangladesh as well just like any other countries in the world. Even though we are a bit slower than a lot of countries, we still are enjoying this magnificent service of the modern technologies. Here I will discuss about the best online shop in BD who are using these modern technologies. They provide us with such products that are used regularly in our daily life. Some of them are the hand held sun umbrella, the best inverted umbrellas and the expandable flex hose etc.

Dual layer umbrella

Best Inverted Umbrellas Printed

The extendable hose pipe

The best flex hose

The hand held sun umbrella

UVR Umbrella








Hence I’m on to promoting these stores in Bangladesh. And I will try to promote a few of their products in this website. The best online shop in BD can be found among a handful of online shops that are using their own websites to market. These online stores are based at Dhaka and selling the products online. Some of them are daraz, kiksha, pakboo, bakdoom, Alaadin Express & few more. In this article I will discuss about them in short to point a picture of the current scenario of the online market in Bangladesh.

Best Online Shop in BD

Daraz is the most prominent of these online stores with the maximum volume of sales. Whereas kiksha, pikaboo & bagdoom are selling fancy items as the customers are enchanted to the online stores and their new products that are introduced every day. We can differentiate them into two categories of giants & small online stores.

List of Best Online Shop in BD

Let’s have a look at the online shops and their focuses, at first the old players in the industry:

  1. Ajker deal focuses their business on the fashion & life-style items to groceries. They started their journey at 2011. Ajker deal sells about 1500 parcels a day.
  2. Bagdoom also started at 2011 but with a different name with This online store can be counted among the biggest online shops in Bangladesh. Their focus is to deliver the eased shopping experience for the consumers through the online platforms. Hence they have been focusing their business on products that are less expensive like T-shirt, pen drive, electrical accessories etc. Bagdoom sells about 2000 parcels a day.
  3. Daraz has been the most aggressive of the online shops in Bangladesh. And it has become the market leaders since starting its journey in 2013. They are providing the most variety and are selling the most in terms of products sold. They are focusing their business on fast and safe online shopping experience for their consumers. Daraz delivers approximately 5000 parcels a day.
  4. Another reputed online shop is priyoshop which was established at 2013. It a focuses on dress, gift items, books, mobile phone, digital camera, tab and electronics. Priyoshop sells about 1500 parcels a day.

Now we look at some new players into the industry:

  1. Pikaboo is another fast growing but relatively new online shop. It has started its journey at 2016 with it focuses on mobile phones, tablets, computers, home appliances and other electronics.
  2. Kiksha also started their journey at 2016 after the marriage of a few businesses. They mainly focus on the lifestyle products. Kiksha sells about 2000 parcels a day.
  3. Among all these another solely online based shop that is up and coming is the Alaadin Express. It has started its journey on 2018 but is coming of age. It is because of the implementation of some innovative idea in the market with a focus to change it.

Again we can find some small online stores that are developing into giants but still operating as small online shops:

  1. Hello beautiful – focused solely on beauty products
  2. Uptown Girls – focused on only the ladies items
  3. Online multi shopping – focused on the lifestyle & online gift items
  4. Etcetera – focused on dresses
  5. Women’s fashion – also focused on the women’s fashion & dresses

In this website we will discuss about some of these products so that the buyers can get some idea about these products along with some selected online shops.

Alaadin Express in comparison to others

Aladin Express is an online shop that has started its journey very recently. And they are crawling into the mix gradually with a focus to be the best online shop in BD. Like all other online shops Alaadin Express is using the Alaadin Website to sell their products. They are also using the social marketing through the social platforms. Even if they are infants into the market they can be counted among the best online shops in BD. It gets mentioned among them as all the aforementioned online shops are vying for being the best. And they are doing this with their own set of beliefs and practices. These stores are bringing the experience of online shopping in Bangladesh.

If we consider the growth of other growing online shops to them, then they are growing into the market more rapidly. It is because they are gaining vivid response from their customers. They have brought in some products that are found only in selected online shops. And this is also helping them to gain popularity quickly. Additionally they have added some new-unique products as well to stamp their presence in the arena of online shops. Their strong point is their willingness to address the customer service or the post sales service. They also have a competitive advantage in pricing of the products.

Products at Alaadin Express

If we look at some of their products we find quite a few interesting additions in the list like the hand held sun umbrella or the best inverted umbrellas or the expandable flex hose or the kids’ items. C hook reverse umbrella has been one of the revelations of this shop along with the hand held sun umbrella that is brought in only by them. Expandable flex hose has been brought in by some other online shops but Alaadin Express is providing them at lower price.

Key advantage of Alaadin Express

It helps the consumers to move to the online shops along with the post-sale service that is not available for other online shop. This online shop gains in rating in this aspect and comes into the mix with this gain in the points accumulated.

Challenge of Alaadin Express

As seen in many other cases online shops, some start but fail to continue; now it is their main challenge to continue and keep up the good work they have started as starting is rather easier than continuing with the initial success which can be called the honeymoon period for the businesses or any other endeavor. Now they will have to overcome many other challenges like creating variation, maintaining the timely service & other infrastructural works. Improving all these fast and hard is essential for them. More so, if they want to compete against the big guns in the market of Bangladeshi online shops.

We will follow them in their journey to change the practice and scenario that they are willing to change. We will observe to see if they succeed to keep up their good work and stay true to their values and practices. Since the market of 65 million internet users in Bangladesh, these few online shops make it more attractive prospect for the new entrants creating new options for the consumers. These options can have a positive impact in the experience in the online shopping in Bangladesh. While they compete among themselves to be the best online shops in BD, they will incorporate more facilities for the consumers & customers.