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Best Inverted Umbrellas | Dual Layer Umbrella | An Innovation

May 12, 2018
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Umbrella, this is a thing that has been used by the people ever since the old age. Still this is one of the simplest and most Eco friendly products. This product also has gone through evolution throughout the ages. Few of the most attractive, innovative & newest items in Bangladesh are the current innovation of umbrella. And these that have been introduced in Bangladesh by the online stores are the best inverted umbrellas & the hand held sun umbrella.

Best inverted umbrellas

Dual layer umbrella

Best Inverted Umbrellas Printed

In this post we are going to describe the best version of the inverted umbrella. The most interesting innovation comes at the hood of it which opens flip side or inside out. It is the very reason for which it is called the inverted & reverse umbrella. The best among the best of these inverted umbrellas are the one with the c hook handle. These umbrellas come with different varieties of colors. As this umbrella has a c hook for its handle that makes it different from the outset and outlook at the very first glance. Then if you go for keeping it at some place you can keep it stood without any support due to its top edge shape build.


Advantages of Dual Layer Umbrella

Dual layer umbrella

Best Inverted Umbrellas Single Color

This is a manual type umbrella which has to be opened & shut by people using it. Thus this makes it more durable due to its less use of small parts or springs that can make it more vulnerable. These are very strong in the build and can resist strong wind. So they are called the wind umbrella. They are perfect for use in the cars during the rains. Hence this is also called the car umbrella. They come with double layer so they are also called the double / two layered umbrella. The top layer protects from the sun & rain. Meanwhile the lower layer helps to protect from the strong wind along with its flipped sticks. It can also preserve the water in it from the rain if the c hook is kept at the bottom. This makes it easier to keep the umbrella anywhere without making the floor wet.


Availability of this innovative umbrella

These umbrellas are available at Alaadin express at a relatively lower price than the other online stores that are based in Dhaka & Bangladesh. Other stores that bring in this umbrella in our country are bagdoom & ajkerdeal.

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