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Alaadin Kids | One Stop Kid Shop | Toys & Lifestyle Items

September 18, 2018
One Stop Kid Shop

One area of the online market is driven by items of kids or kids’ related product, whether they be the toys or they be the daily needed products. Also great amount of children healthcare product sources come from all over the world. These products are available in the online stores or e-commerce web pages at one place. For such products Alaadin Express has one special section which is called Alaadin Kids. This section comprises the best possible solution at relatively lesser price. In this collection various types of products categorically toys, children’s products, clothes and shoes, lifestyle products etc. are available.


One Stop Kid Shop

Alaadin kids is the ultimate one stop kid shop online. It is because all types of kids and baby products are found here. Below the product segments are described according to their categories:

Toys & Lifestyle Items

Alaadin Toys

Toys section contains products like baby swimming pool, cars, helicopters, boats, trains, building blocks, fruit cutting set, kitchen set and many more.These products are available there based on the age limit. As a result they can help the babies & kids to grow in body and mind. Hazard warnings are another factor which has been counted in there. So parents can choose from the correct criteria for their children to avert the hazards from them.

One Stop Kid Shop

Super Hero Set

One Stop Kid Shop

Kids White Board

One Stop Kid Shop

Alaadin Bowling Set

One Stop Kid Shop

Alaadin RC Car 12

Then there are various types of cars to select from. Among them some are battery run and some are remote controlled. Similar goes for boats and helicopters. Building blocks are for the kids for over 3 years old as they carry hazard warning for kids, but they also help the kids to develop their brains through games & toys. Trains come with the different shapes and number of pieces.

Alaadin Lifestyle

This  segment contains another two sub categories. First one is clothes & shoes and the second one is other lifestyle items.

  • Clothes & Shoes:

The Lifestyle products contain the biggest range among them. The first segment of lifestyle items contains clothes & shoes section. There are different kinds of products for the babies in this. Baby clothes & shoes vary in range from smaller size to the bigger ones. They come at various prices and designs attractive for the kids. These clothes can range from regular to fancy dresses. Here the specialty among these products are cotton fabrics & leather shoes. These shoes can come with lights or with music with them.


  • Other Lifestyle Items:

Second segment of this contain the other lifestyle products like the baby carrier, rocker toddler, trolleys to carry babies, baby carrying shirts, saddles for new born babies. All these products have been included there to serve the parents and make the life easier for them. Hence these items that are found at a single place can help them to up-bring the children at a easier way as it is the motto of Alaadin Express. Also one new factor here for this e-commerce web page is to help chose the customers the right products for their kids and babies and necessary after sales service.


All these products for kids are not available in other online shopping sites in Bangladesh all at the same place. Also these online stores don’t categorize their products as Alaadin Express does. Above all the most poplar online shops in Bangladesh brings in a lot of variety of toys but there are no particular focus in other areas of the kids’ items. So these things gives Alaadin Express an edge over other e-commerce pages of Bangladesh.

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